Welcome to Safari Child Care Center

Infant Room

2 wks – 12 Months Old

Class Size of 8-10

Toddler Room

12 Months 

Class Size of 6

2-Year-Old Room

24-36 Months 

Class Size of 12

Preschool Room

36 – 48 Months

Class Size of 18

Why Safari Child Care

Safari is a small child care center located in Milford, Iowa. Our staff are all certified in CPR/First Aid, Mandatory reporting, Universal Precautions, and take over 15 hours of education hours each year. Our lead teachers are trained in Early Childhood Education and develop daily lesson plans. Each age group has their own particular curriculum catered to the needs of his/her age.

Cassidy Hemphill

Dani Muller

Meet The Director & Owner


 Fall to Spring 2018-2019

Our preschool program includes:

Weekly Lesson Plan Themes
; Daily art and/or science activities
; AM snack, lunch, and PM snack that follow FDA nutritional guidelines
; Educational stations that focus on math, language, fine motor skills, etc.
; The creative and fun “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum
; And so much more!

Class Projects

So you can keep up on your child’s Center experiences we prominently display: daily activity highlight sheets, children’s projects, and photos of children’s project work and play activities.  We take pictures throughout the week of our special activities and post them on our Facebook page.  Please LIKE us!

Handwriting without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears is an action-packed curriculum designed to provide developmentally appropriate, multi-sensory tools and strategies for
the classroom.

It’s a hands-on, developmental approach providing the foundations needed for fluent and legible handwriting, while incorporating sensory, musical, and language lessons.



Safari Child Care Center was purchased in 2009. We had renovated it from being a show room and church. It was just a small building with one large room. We renovated it by putting up 3 walls and adding a kitchen. From there we had an infant/toddler room, a two-year-old room and a preschool room. Our playground was just a small fenced in area large enough for 20 children. Today we have been so lucky to have grown to accommodate 46 children. We added an 800 square foot preschool room along with a huge storage closet and restroom. Our playground is huge and will just keep getting better as time goes. We wouldn’t be the quality center that we are now without the help of our families, husbands and our parents! Thank you for your business and all of your help. It has been a fun 4-year adventure!

Field Trips

Once children have reached the age of three they may venture out of our center and experience the world we live in. From the Nature Center, Treasure Village, The Beach, Local Business to walks; we do it all!

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